Dodge Ram 1500

Even purely visually the Ram 1500 is a very big thing

Clear edge: The design of the Ram 1500 is inspired by American locomotives and trucks.

It’s not just the sheer size, which can be an eye-catcher of this automobile. It is also the characteristic locomotives design: The front with the monstrous radiator grill and the stage recessed spotlights we owe the idea of the former Dodge chief designer Phillip E. Payne, who was inspired by the appearance of American trucks and locomotives. Even Europeans attracts the Ram into its spell.

However, unlike the Americans, we have with him a technical problem: fat, thirsty V8 or heavy diesel , requiring a heavy-duty suspension. This dilemma is now complete. For now there is an additional motor, ideal for Europe: the 3.0 turbo diesel from the Jeep Grand Cherokee .

The supplied provided by VM from Italy V six-cylinder weighs only 20 kilos more than the V8 petrol, can therefore be used on the same chassis as the gasoline engine and thus remains despite 790 kg payload easily under the 3.5 tonne limit.

Toyota Tacoma

Former home pick-up of the Year: Toyota Tacoma

The Toyota Tacoma is a pick-up , which was constructed in 1995 and brought to market. For more than ten years, this vehicle model has become one of the classics of the global automaker developed Toyota. Thus, the second generation of this vehicle model was fitted in 2005 with the award of the best trucks of the year. The name Tacoma goes back in origin to the same US city in the state of Michigan. The predecessor of the Tacoma is the pick-up Hilux. Compared to its predecessor, this model has a double cabin.
The launch of the Toyota Tacoma

If the view towards the construction and development history, falling to two generations. The first generation dominates the years 1995 – 2004 and the second generation was developed of 2005. Before the introduction of the model given above all the Hilux – popularly the Toyota Truck – the vehicle image many Americans. In the initial phase, three different engine types of the Toyota Tacoma could be distinguished: the 2.4-liter R4 with a total of 106 kW, the 2.7 liter R4 with a total of 12 kW and the 3.4-liter V6 with 142 kW considerable. The first 2.4 liter engine type consumed per 100 km in total 8.25 liters.

This consumption grew at 2.7 liter engine to 9.2 liters per 100 km and the last model to an impressive 10.9 liters per 100 km.
In the six-hole rims, the Toyota Tacoma had with all-wheel drive compared with most other pickup trucks in its class. According to the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer, there was a new feature: the abbreviation TRD has a limited slip differential in the rear part of a V6 engine through which then became part of the general rule. A five-speed manual gearbox, however lacking. In 1998, the Pre-Runner models were added. These vehicles differed in almost any point of the Toyota Tacoma: But the sales had this vehicle equipped with a special off-road package.
Especially in his early years attracted the Toyota Tacoma to especially younger drivers and could chalk up extremely positive and promising sales figures. In 2001, Toyota changed his double cab model to in this vehicle series and extended in this context, the entire cab. From this point on the Tacoma offered a bed that came to two meters in length.

The S-Runner with manual five-speed gearbox and a gas-filled shock absorbers presented the next new development. In 2008, the car manufacturer Toyota offered all its customers with a fifteen-year warranty on the case of the corrosion of its bodies.
2005 Modernization: increased power and bed lengths

By 2005 a new generation of Toyota Tacoma began its advance and was presented at the Chicago Auto Show. Meantime Toyota created 15 different configurations. These vary to a the cab, the transmission or the motor and the platform lengths. Also in the V6 models in the course of recent years, some improvements have resulted.

So the overhauled engine impressed with a remarkable power of 176 kW. In the following years, minor changes have been added, such as a modernized interior in 2007 and an increased safety potential. So the current model comes standard with ABS and a reliable brake assist. In addition, a rollover sensor and EBD brake force distribution. In the area of side impact crash test and the Tacoma is not among the winners, however, has seen good test results.

The X-Runner is at the present time is one of the special equipment. So exist in this area limited and costly special models. These are annually available in three exterior colors. The differences raise the focus above all on the chassis and on the strength of the frame. In the rear part of the frame is located in this special model an additional reinforcement, which itself refers to the name of the Toyota Tacoma X-Runner.

GMC Canyon

The GMC Canyon is a service offered since 2014 pick-up of the General Motors Group. Already during the first presentation at the Detroit Motor Show, the new workhorse knew how to inspire the audience. The new GMC Canyon is particularly against the market leader Ford make F-150 lost ground and parallel to the Isuzu D-Max offer a new competitor. To trim the GMC Canyon on good fuel economy, already gave the designers the pick-up bonnet and other elements made ​​of light metal.

Also under the hood ample weight savings, because the available engines in the new or GMC Canyon cars are designed in aluminum. In addition to the four-cylinder 2.5 liter engine in the base model with 193 hp is a 3.6-liter V6 with 302 hp for a configuration. Over de production a 2.8-liter turbodiesel will complete the portfolio of the GMC Canyon, which makes 180 hp. For the flow of power, a six-speed automatic is used, optionally, the GMC Canyon also be ordered with a manual transmission.

A total of three body styles to choose from, so that the loading area from 1.52 to 1.83 meters length. If you are looking for a pick-up of Chevrolet or Dodge are, can be found on a wide range field!

Chevrolet Colorado

The Chevrolet Colorado embodies what Americans love

The penchant of Americans for large pick-ups is no accident. The distances in the country are huge, many areas such as deserts or the Rocky Mountains are considered inhospitable ?? what it takes here is a powerful vehicle with sufficient loading and high ground clearance . Increasingly, the Pick Up has found its way into the inner cities and suburbs, which has meant that manufacturers put more emphasis on the design of ATVs. The Chevrolet Colorado is a prime example of what happens. Despite high levels of comfort in the interior and the claims of urban motorists to modern design can be brawny appearance nothing missing in strength and originality.

Even the type designation of the Chevrolet Colorado clearly states where the Pick Up feels best. Namely in nature. Colorado is a mountainous region, dominated by natural wonders and breathtaking landscapes. In parts, it can drive for hours here without passing through here a settlement. A wheelbase of over 3 meters and impressive ground clearance come in quite handy. With its 175 or up to 220 hp of Chevrolet Colorado also takes slopes easy and comes with trailer loads of 2000 kg maximum cope.

Chevrolet Colorado in modern design

0279786834001The Chevrolet Colorado from 2004 now in design and features visible overhauled and upgraded. Although the Chevrolet Colorado also makes on the used car market is still a good figure, in the Chevrolet Colorado, the urban lines is clearly visible from 2012 Design. Nevertheless, he has lost none of its powerful appearance. But above all, the wide radiator front and the high-set bonnet ensures.

The grille is divided by a chrome insert in which emblazoned the Chevy logo. Width headlamps and fog lamps give the underlying Chevrolet Colorado a spry appearance. Optionally, the American is available as a two- or four-door. The truck is therefore suitable also for assistance in forest work as well as a private vehicle for the family outing. Depending on the terrain of the Chevrolet Colorado is available with rear-wheel drive or four wheel drive available.

The level of comfort in the midsize truck

Despite its powerful lines and powerful engine values ​​of the Chevrolet Colorado is one of the mid-size trucks.The Compact Pick Up is depending on the model to 5,258 mm long and 1724 mm wide. This makes it clear why the Chevy is often found in inner cities. But also helps ensure the high comfort provided by the equipment of the Chevrolet Colorado.

So can be for various internet-based devices has its own 4G hotspot in the vehicle up so that access to the Internet at high speed is possible. In addition, various functions and menus via an 8-inch screen on the dashboard of the pickups can be controlled. This naturally includes the obligatory navigation system, but also a multimedia station for radio and music or the possibility of the on-board computer to connect to the smartphone and thus lead, for example, telephone calls while driving. The menu screen can arrange so that in each case the most commonly used functions are on display individually.

Security system in the Chevrolet Colorado

Also on the security in the Chevrolet Colorado puts manufacturers value. Therefore part of the equipment, for example, a reversing camera, which simplifies especially the maneuvering in the great Pick Up. Even the onboard system warns how far away or if the middle lane line is crossed. The OnStar navigation system also features an Automatic Crash Response. In case of an accident, the vehicle will be immediately connected to a supervisor, who can help call. The cabin is in a crash protected particularly well by the special design.

Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 in 1975 entry model of pickup series

Derived from a truck series pickups the Ford F-Series developed since its introduction to the North American markets in 1948 classics in the US manufacturer Ford program, the fact in later years of construction and its full-size SUV (Sport Utility Vehicles) derived. Since the building on a Leite frame trucks were originally conceived as vehicles of labor input, Ford offered the models of its F-Series traditionally with V8 engines and in different weight classes from 0.5 tonnes in Ford F-100 until 1.0 ton the Ford F-350 on. Mid-1970s, added the designer, the program to a second Halbtonner- entry model, which came as a Ford F-150 in trade. Special feature of the new model: The chassis of the pickup has been reinforced, so that the Ford F-150 has a towing capacity of just over one ton could handle.
When equipment and ride comfort, the F-150 is based increasingly SUV

download (5)Thus, the F-150 was in its weight class of the strongest tractors on the market, what it was a leisure car as in combination with a boat trailer made ​​an alternative to the heavy trucks of the F-Series. At the same time, it allowed the design modified to use the F-150 as the basis for heavier structures with four-door body, as the manufacturer is in the late 1970s with its SUV Ford Bronco realized. In the more recent years of construction, the F-150 driven increasingly at facilities and comfort to the vehicles of the SUV class.
Different wheelbases and cabin sizes for the Ford F-150

With the launch of the Ford F-150 in 1975, the manufacturer offered his strongest entry model in the class of 0.5 tons in two body versions: as a two-door with the first typical of the range Ford F-Series short cab and in a version with an extended cab at. As engines arrived in the basic version of the finished rear- and Allradanrieb F-150 six-cylinder engines for use, while the Ford F-150 XL were long wheelbase often comes with the V8 engine. In addition to the automatic models came in 1987 for the first time Ford F-150 with manual five-speed circuit on the market. A sporty image was the Ford F-150 in 1992, when the Americans an SVT Lightning presented called sport variant of the 5.8 liter eight-cylinder up to (245 hp) to 180 kW was able to draw.
The F-150 for later models from 1997

Starting in 1997, the manufacturer built its model Ford F-150 made ​​with a new look, other underbody and more body versions. The pickup was now available as a three- and four-door from the tape and approached in the facilities of the SUV usual comfort level. From the Year 2011, there were for the F-150 fuel-efficient V6 engines with two turbochargers and 3,5 liter engine from the

Ford EcoBoost series that the spread-out for almost five tons towing truck tradition series an output of up to 272 kW ( could make 370 hp). Top model of the F-150 was equipped with a V8 engine of displacement class of 6.2 liters, the (416 hp) maximum mobilized 306 kW and also in the 2010 version featured Sport Ford SVT Raptor was used.

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